Simula ng Pagbabago

Matino na ang mga kurap na Pulis kaya naman pati ang iba ay nakikiuso na rin. Nagulat ang Tindero dahil hindi na pasaway ang kanyang kliyente.

Final Favorite Food

Binigyan ng Berdugo ang mga bibitayin ng pagkakataon na makain ang kanilang paboritong pagkain. Kaya naman hindi na nagdalawang isip si Juan at nirequest ang gusto niya.

Mahina sa School

Nakarating ang balita sa Nanay na nahihirapan daw sa school ang kanyang Anak. Nung kinausap niya ito ay itinuro naman ng kanyang Anak ang Tatay nito.

The adorable "Kangaroo Cat" called Able

This cute cat became a trending topic on social media websites.

University Professor smashes an Evaluator's laptop

A professor will be evaluated by a university official but the evaluator came in late for the class. On the middle of the teacher's explanation, the evaluator keeps on trash talking the instructor. What happens next is unbelievable. Watch the video and enjoy the school prank.

A video by lerouxisonfire on YouTube.

Angry Buffalo sends the hungry Lion flying on air

Lions are one of the top predators on the Animal Kingdom's food chain, but what on this video will surely amaze you. A Lion was caught biting the behind of a Buffalo and then there the saviour of the day! It impaled the giant cat and sent if flying, circling on air. Not only once, but twice and the Buffalo bravely defends its mate. Watch the epic video and witness the rare sighting.

A video of Barcroft TV on YouTube.

Japanese Government's "very fast" sidewalk repair

Highway and sidewalk repair are hard to finish especially on a busy street of a city. But on this video uploaded by a Facebook user, he monitored a sidewalk canal/drainage repair in Japan.

He started monitoring at 9:30 AM but after he ate his meal on lunchtime, everything was back to normal. The repair has been done in an instant! Watch the video and be amazed.

Mapapamura ka nalang talaga sa lupet.

Napansin ko may ginagawa na kanal/kalsada dito sa osaka mga 9:30am ito. Punyemas kumain lang kami bago pa ko umalis ng bahay 12:35 tapos na. Sabi ko pa sa unang video maguupdate ako bukas.. walang pang 3 oras.sabihin na natin 6 na oras ginawa. Yung hinuhukay hukay lagi sa kalsada satin dyan malapit sa sti mcarthur katarantaduhan na yan. Ano masasabi mo Balitang Malolos?

Parang walang nangyare

Videos uploaded by Troy Serrano on Facebook.

Hindi nakatiis si Manong, sumilip sa palda ni Ate

A man caught doing something really bad to a woman in a grocery store

A viral video shocked the internet wherein a man was caught in a CCTV doing something bad to a woman in front of him. The man checks first if there's anyone looking at him and then he proceeds with his dark plans. Watch the video and be the judge.

156 seconds to grab anything you want for FREE!

What would you get first if you have a chance to grab anything that you can inside an electronics store in 156 seconds. A video of a man, enjoying his 2 minutes and 36 seconds of FREE SHOPPING went viral. First he get the televisions, then the laptops, cellphone and many more!

This amazing video was uploaded by Trunonfictionbustind on YouTube.

Kapos ba sa budget? I-try ang "Prepaid Stripper" (Bubble Gang)

Not enough budget to have a wonderful relaxing night after office? Try Bubble Gang's funny comedy skit wherein you can hire someone for a low price because it's called the "Prepaid Stripper".

Watch Paolo Contis, Michael V. and Kim Domingo as they hilariously demonstrate the pros and cons of having a "prepaid" version of the popular night club gimmick of the boys.

A video by GMA Network on YouTube.

Encantadia characters dancing all the way

The serious characters of the biggest and grandest fantasy series of GMA Network dances their heart out while on set.

Watch Hagorn (John Arcilla), Pirena (Glaiza de Castro), Gurna (Vaness del Moral), Agane (Rochelle Pangilinan), Aquil (Rocco Nacino), Paopao (Rodjun Cruz) and Ybarro/Ybrahim (Ruru Madrid) and other supporting casts of the show dance.

A video by Rommel Penesa on YouTube.

A video by Tawanan Tayo on YouTube.

The Undertaker retires from the wrestling world

The Undertaker or Mark William Calaway in real life shocked the crowd and the viewers of the WWE's WrestleMania 33 after he left his iconic hat and other gears in the middle of the ring. He went to his wife and gave her a kiss, and then walked into the isle and posed while disappearing inside a thick smoke.

Fans of the wrestler got emotional and poured the online world with "Thank you Taker".

A video by WrestlingWorld on Facebook.