Andre Paras VS Baeby Baste on Jackpot en Poy (Eat Bulaga)

"Jackpot 'en Poy" is the newest game segment of Eat Bulaga, wherein the players will play the normal game of Rock-Paper-Scissor but with a suspense theme and cash prizes. Baeby Baste has a record of 0 loses on the jackpot round and for the first time, he was defeated by Andre Paras. Watch the adorable battle scene of Andrew and Baeby Baste.

The video was uploaded by GMA Network on YouTube.

Fastest 8-year-old boxer, a future world champion

A future world champion in the making as 8 year-old (YES, EIGHT!) Ashton M. Sylve shows off his considerable moves.

"I don't know another 8-year-old with hands faster than mine," says Sylve.

Already a 5x Nation Champion, the youngster has the star quality to go all the way.he way.

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